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Metal laser marking is another method that involves the basic raster engraving process. During this process a special chemical marking compound is used. Surface depths cannot be achieved, the surface of the material is marked with permanent black marks. This process is mostly used for metal engraving but it also works well on other hard materials such as ceramic, marble and stones.

Treated metals – anodized, lacquered, spray veneered

If the metal has been pre-treated or coated the laser will engrave away this top coating to reveal the metal finish below. Different treated metals will produce different effects.

Bare surface metals – compound engraving

If engraving a non-treated metal the C02 laser will not mark the surface well. In this case we use the compound marking method. A chemical layer is sprayed onto the metal. When the laser comes in contact with the chemical it is fixed to the material resulting in permanent black marks.

Most bare metals can be laser marked with the use of marking compounds. Anodized aluminum can be directly marked with a laser and the high contrast image produced is ideal for serial tags, identification plates and two-dimensional barcodes. Laser marking on metal delivers highly durable marks without sacrificing material integrity.


Metal Types

Alumamark™, anodized aluminum, carbide, coated metals, brass, cobalt, copper, iron, nickel, pewter, stainless steel, steel, titanium, tungsten.

These are some of the metals we have managed to laser engrave at engratek.

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