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Valchromat MDF

Laser cut MDF & Ply is very popular at the moment

Laser cut mdf is possibly one of the most versatile products around – we’ve cut components for everything ranging from a stencil to intricate decorative panels.

Together with other engineered woods laser cut ply is once again a well-used material. The range of veneered finishes available means it can be used for everything from signs to theatre sets. We cut decorative garden panels, High Volume Christmas decorations and roofing components;

Don’t forget we can also laser engrave both materials with photographic quality images

Max. Part Size 3000x2000mm (but usually limited by sheet size of 2440x1220mm)
Min. Part Size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. Thickness 18mm
Min. Thickness <0.8mm
Min. Detail Detail should not usually be less than 30% of the material thickness e.g. minimum 3mm diameter hole in 9mm thick material
Cutting Tolerance
  • Less than 3mm +/- 0.5mm
  • 3mm – 6mm +/- 0.6mm
  • 8mm – 12mm +/- 0.7mm
  • 12mm – 18mm +/- 0.8mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting Because these are organic materials the cut edge chars and is covered with carbon – the thicker the material the more pronounced the effect.
Grades Stocked Most grades and finishes are available – waterproof, fire resistant, veneered etc. are usually available in most thicknesses.
Sheet Sizes 2440x1220mm; Occasionally 3000x1500mm
Common Applications Decorative Panels, Exhibition / Theatre Sets, Stencils, Restoration, Engineered Components and just about everything else!
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