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How much will it cost to…?

Prices are a tricky subject in the world of laser cutting and engraving. We often have people ringing asking how much something will cost. Truth is, we can’t give you a price right there and then for the following reasons:

We quote by estimating the time it will take to complete your job including all the drawing setup and laser-ing. Hourly rates aren’t always relevant here as we have many machines all with different powers / speeds. The same job can take different times to process from one machine to another. Sometimes we also need to work on your drawings and develop your idea further so it’s ready for the laser. Then of course there are materials to consider – The same drawing will take different times to cut from material to material.

Put simple, we really need something to quote from. Ideally a laser ready file, or a drawing, photo, scan or sketch to show what you want to do. From here we will be able to work out how long your job will take in full and give you an appropriate quote. We can get a quote back to you very fast! in some cases within the hour.

Prices – A benchmark guide

Drawing setup: We don’t charge for drawing setup as your job is seen as a whole.

Laser time: You will need to send us in a file or something to quote from. We then establish how long your job is going to take and give you a cost. Our minimum charge is $35+gst

Rush jobs: We offer a rush job service if we can manage it, usually we can. Let us know when you need you project.

Design & drawing service: If you need us to do any design or drawing work we usually charge $40+gst per hour

Do you do student discounts?

We do, but its best to let us know straight off that you are a student. We will need to see some I.D though. If you want pieces delivered we don’t mind if you send us through a scan of your TAFE/College or Uni I.D

Do you have other discounts?

We discount for longer running jobs on the machine. This will be factored in when you recieve your initial quote from us.

Do I have to arrange a appointment to come to your studio?

If you need to talk in depth about a project and suspect you need a lot of advice, you’ll need to book a consultation before you come. We will try and provide you with as much info as you need as quickly and as concisely as possible. Usually these are for about 10minutes.

How long will it take?

Turnaround really depends on the scale of the job you need doing and if you need your item delivered. But what we can say is that we have a very fast turnaround time. We try to work to your deadline where possible.

I need my job today, can you do it?

This depends on the size of your job but yes probably. If we are very busy (which is pretty much always, )there will involve a higher than usual cost. This is basically because we will have to bump your job to the top of the queue. Get in touch to find out more about rush jobs costs.

How long does delivery take?

All orders placed through will be shipped when ready using Australia Post express post (overnight delivery) or registered post (3-5 days). For international orders we will ship by Australia Post airmail.

Remember, you are welcome to to arrange your own methods of delivery and don’t have to use ours. Or pickup from the studio.

How can I pay?

For Companies our preferred method of payment is Card payment. Payment can also be made via paypal or direct deposit.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?

Sure, you can by cash if you are picking up from us but we do not accept cheques.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, We accept Visa and Mastercard and Amex for direct payments. For credit cards we charge the 3.0% transaction fee. Best thing is to pay by debit card as we wont charge.

Do you store any information about me?

Yes, some. We keep your name, email address, and your previous job drawings and details, to make it easier for us to run a job for you in the future. We don’t hold any of your card details or share info with third partys. For more information, please also see our Terms and conditions.

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