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At Engratek our industrial and commercial labels are manufactured using a variety of traffolyte and plastic composite available in a variety of colours and finishes. You can be assured we will have the product to suit your application.

These labels are manufactured using the best quality materials and the most advanced laser and cnc engraving technology.

However there are some serious limitations with regard to Health & Safety. Although we have the best extraction and filtration systems available we still limit the plastics we cut to the ones we know are relatively safe. These include Acrylic, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Nylon, LDPE / HDPE, HIPS and Mylar.


The list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the range we stock and cut. Edge quality of laser cut plastic is, on the whole, excellent – for example we can laser cut acrylic with a polished edge to give a finished component with no secondary polishing required. Typical applications range from Point-of Sale systems to engineered components.

We can also CNC router cut / engrave tri tone rotary engravable stock traffolyte. This material is much more robust than the co2 laserable material for outdoor applications.

Max. Part Size 1220x610mm
Min. Part Size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. Thickness Up to 18mm  – please ask (it really varies!)
Min. Thickness <0.1mm
Min. Detail Detail can usually be around 10% of material thickness, but this does vary with the type of plastic.
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.5mm
3-6mm – +/-0.6mm
7-10mm +/-0.7mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting Cut edge quality varies by type, but on the whole is excellent. There can be stress raisers formed in the cut edge with certain materials.
Grades we can buy Rotary Engravable, C02 & YAG Laser Engravable, UV Stable, Industrial Grade.
Sheet Sizes 613mm x 1238mm, 597mm x 1245mm, 600mm x 1245mm
Applications Interior/exterior signage, Personal Identification, Industrial Labelling, Safety Signage, Electronic Labelling, Industrial Signage, Trophies, Awards, Plaques.
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