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Laser engraving or laser etching is a method of marking where the laser head engraves by moving from left to right slowly down the material. It is also know as ‘raster engraving’. Think of it like a printer where instead of printing, it is actually taking some of your material away to mark the surface. It reacts to different classes of materials in different ways. You can achieve some stunning results.


Our precision lasers deliver the highest possible laser engraving performance on a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, plastics, textiles and more. This form of engraving is a non-contact process that will not affect the integrity of the material. Accurately and quickly we can laser engrave intricate product designs or artwork through our state of the art software. Laser engraving can increase your productivity over traditional engraving methods aswell.


Consumer products, such as luxury items and electronics, are ideal for personalization with laser engraving. iPods, Bluetooth headsets, corkscrews, leather goods and high-end pens can all be laser processed.


Identify yourself and your company in unique ways with laser engraved name tags and business cards. Engrave wood for a three-dimensional effect or mark anodized aluminum to produce a permanent high contrast image. Laser engraved business cards make unique customer leave-behinds and are great for trade shows.


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